Super useful tips for writing essays

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    • Super useful tips for writing essays

      Information about movies watched and books read relates to personal social experiences. Even if you watched a movie or read a review as part of the educational process.

      Be careful when using factual examples. For example, if you mixed up and wrote that Mount Elbrus is in China and North Korea is a democratic state with a market economic system, you will not be credited with a factual argument.

      The number of words in a social studies essay, fortunately, is not limited. Write as many as you like. The main thing is not to stray far from the topic.

      At the beginning and at the end, mention the relevance of the idea, why you were affected by this particular statement.

      Use introductory words: "first," "second," "no less important than...," etc.

      Don't be afraid to come up with model-illustrations for factual argumentation. In 2019, the exam preparers have made it easier for passers. It has become possible to "fit" an example for problems yourself.

      Learn the clichés. With limited time, it's better to think about arguments and terms than about the best words to start writing an essay with.

      Write right into a rough draft. A draft on the USE is only needed for notes and a small outline of a written assignment.
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